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Privacy Notice

Shopping in is safe.

We use standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt sensitive information, such as your name, address, and other sensitive information, your credit card information. Information between your computer and our website can not be read by other people to intercept her state. This technology has the following features:

Validation - This will cause your browser to send your data to the correct computer server, and the server is safe.
Encryption - This information is encrypted to people outside the security zone can not read server.

Payment security
Verify by Visa and Mastercard®SecureCode ™ To increase your confidence in online shopping, we launched the Visa and Mastercard®SecureCode ™ certification. When you shop with us, these services will improve your existing card account to prevent the unauthorized use

Save map data
Save your credit card, convenient shopping experience. In your account, so if you save your card data storage, you can open them in the "My Account" area.

Full card number is not listed, but the last four digits, so you can choose the right purchase.

We need to select the correct billing address for all saved credit cards. In case of change of address, you can edit the billing address of the record.

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